The Tao Of Sales

Book Review #1

The Tao Of Sales

E. Thomas Behr, PHD

Element Books, Inc.

21 Broadway

Rockport, MA 01966

Dr. Behr can be reached at (908) 647-6489

The real purpose of providing perodic book reviews here is so you can easily obtain for yourself a selection that I have found useful by using our spiffy hyperlink to The irony is that for my first review, I have chosen a book that Barnes and Noble will probably have to special order for you. I obtained my copy at the Bodhi Book Store in Los Angles - a bookstore made famous by Shirley MacLaine in her own thought provoking book, Out on a Limb.

I have to recommend The Tao Of Sales to you, even if you will have to exert a bit more effort to obtain a copy for yourself, because of the profound effect it has had on my approach to selling new homes and training salespersons to become more effective in selling new homes. If you have heard me speak about "mastery of technique coupled with total focus on the customer" this book is the earthly catalyst that helped me formulate that idea.

As you might expect from its title, this is a book that explores an Eastern approach to the profession of selling; an approach filled with seeming contardictions that aren't really contradictions at all. The idea of being "proactive in selling by allowing the sale to take place" is the sort of thing I am thinking of. Another is the concept of trusting yourself to be spontaneous - to do exactly the right thing to help your customer make a buying decision - and to do it instinctively, but only after having mastered all the proven techniques of selling that make up our body of collective wisdom.

So when you hear me ask you to go for your Black Belt in new home sales, and to earn that designation by mastering all the techniques we know will work - mastering them to the degree that you no longer have to think about using them - then using all your brain power to focus on the customer instead, you will know where the root elements of that line of thinking came from. Maybe knowing where the idea came from will add extra chrisma to it.

This is a book I earnestly recommend you buy, read, study, and refer to again and again - as I do.