Performance System Marketing Services

. . . Helping You Make More Money in Home Building

Let’s be clear, I’ve invested over 30 years learning how to do this. My methods will make you rich, but this is not a get rich quick scheme. There’s a lot to learn and a lot to do, but I promise you, if you’re willing to do your part, I will help you every step of the way toward the personal satisfaction and financial abundance you had in mind when you became a home builder.

Step by Step to Increased Rewards

Every client’s situation is different, so the first step in working together is for me to figure out where you are in your business, what you’re up against and what opportunities are available. I’ll be looking for ways to improve your marketing performance so you can take charge of your future and make some real money.

Step One: An E-Mail or a Phone Call

Send me an e-mail, or better yet call me at 904-206-2028.. Call right now, if it’s a civilized hour on the east coast. We’ll talk. For as long as you like. Tell me what’s on your mind. Ask me all your questions. Don’t worry the conversation will be free; the phone call and the conversation.. No pressure. We’re just talking. Getting to know one another. Oh, please remember, there are NO dumb questions. You have made NO mistakes. You get TOTAL AMNESTY for whatever has occurred up to now! No shyness or embarrassment allowed. OK?

Step Two: An Initial Plan of Action

If our conversation looks promising to us both, I’ll propose a plan of action customized for your situation and your budget. If at all possible, I would like to come visit you for a day or two, see your operation, tour your market, meet your key people and look at your competitors. We’ll do this together. All the while, we’ll be exchanging ideas. When we’re done, I’ll do up a report for you with specific observations and recommendations. Verbal or written. Your choice. The agenda for our work together will be my Performance System outline. We’ll touch on every block in the diagram, and any report I do for you will address each one. You can count on getting specific suggestions.     You can do what I suggest, or not. My advice. Your decisions. You are always in control.

Step Three: Ongoing Support

You might imagine, I do Step One for lots of builders and Step Two for a smaller number. You will NEVER feel pressure from me to do anything more than you want. But for those builders where I feel a certain energy, a special connection; call it rapport, if you like, and who seem to have a focus on future improvement and a drive to do right by people, I will be looking for an opportunity for us to work together on a continuing basis. That’s where I have the most fun, and my special clients, too. You see, I look upon my consulting practice as a secular ministry with a spiritual foundation. My joy is in helping professional people achieve business success in a way that enables success in their personal and family lives. I’ve helped a number of builders make genuine fortunes. I have watched them learn that money is nice because it creates options, but money is NO guarantee of happiness. Their happiness ultimately comes from within, and it’s up to each individual to decide how it got there and how to bring it out. Let me tell you, its exciting to see that happen. I hope it happens to you in your lifetime! Even better, if I could share the journey with you. And, it all starts with an e-mail or a phone call.