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Welcome To Bill’s Corner of the Market

Enough with stress and urgency about trivia!

This is a come-as-you-are spot where I try to share some thoughts with you I think are important. I invite you to sit back, relax, enjoy a beverage if you like, and open your mind to ideas that might make a difference.

You’ll find some reviews of professional books I have found worth reading.

You’ll also find some articles I’ve written for various publications, or just because I felt I needed to.

Next door, you’ll find my Blog.

The motivation for all of this is totally selfish. I find that if I give away my very best ideas, two good things happen. First, I get re-supplied with even better ideas. Maybe we can talk someday about where they come from. Second, I get what I need – and more - from people I enjoy working with. Maybe you’ll be one of them. I hope so.

Meanwhile, enjoy.

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