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. . . Connecting With Customers Is Key To Making Money


You see, as wonderful as Construction and Control are, they mean nothing until  Customers are brought into the mix. Only Customers supply the Cash the company needs to pay everybody and stay in business.

That’s no secret to anyone. So, how come is it that lots of builders seem to shy away from Customers? Could it be that Customers are naturally pesky – always wanting more for less? Could it be they have unreasonable expectations about quality? Or, is it just that they hurt your feelings when they criticize your work?

Step by Step To a Connected Goal


This thing about Customers sometimes extends to the people you know who work with them. Yours wouldn’t be the first company I’ve seen where the folks who build homes have a slightly prickly relationship with the folks who sell them. If you’re the person in charge, you know this kind of thing is unfortunate. It gets in the way. It causes friction, and it costs you money!

It doesn’t have to be a disconnect between production and sales. It could be anywhere in your organization. Wherever it is, it hurts you.

In my thirty years of consulting I’ve learned how to help my clients get everybody humming together on the same sheet of music. It’s a beautiful thing, when you have it, and if you’d like to have it, I’ll help you get it. I’ll make it affordable, too.

Step One: An E-Mail or a Phone Call


If you’ve got a question about getting it together in your organization so you can make some real money, send me an e-mail or call me at 904-206-2028. Don’t worry. The conversation will be free.

Call right now, if it’s a reasonable hour on the east coast. If I’m here, we’ll talk. If not, leave me a message. When we get together, tell me what’s on your mind. Ask me all your questions.

Don’t worry. It’s all free. The Phone call and the conversation. No pressure and no obligation. We’re just talking.

Step Two: A Preliminary Action Plan


Our telephone conversation or e-mail exchange will help me understand what’s on your mind and what your business situation is. Together, we will figure out what actions might improve your company’s performance. If it looks to us both like I can help, we’ll talk it over, and I’ll put together a proposal for you.  

If it makes sense, my preference would be to come visit you for a day or two, meet everyone, see everything, and attack whatever specific challenges we may have identified beforehand. We’ll stick pretty close together, sharing ideas all the while, unless some of your people need to be interviewed privately. 

The basic reference for our work will probably be my Big Wheel of Home Building agenda. I will be thinking about specific things we might do to get better balance in your Construction, Control and Customer-connection functions, so your company produces maximum Cash. We’ll most likely spend some time with Performance System activities, also. When we’re done, I’ll prepare a report for you summarizing my recommendations. Verbal or Written. Your choice.

You can do what I suggest, or not. My advice. Your decisions. You are always in control.

Step Three: Ongoing Support


If our first experience working together is pleasant and productive for us both, and if it looks like there might be a role for me providing continuing support, I will welcome that. It brings me great joy to stay involved with good people I enjoy, but you will never feel pressure from me to do anything more than what you want.

Over my thirty years of consulting practice, I have proudly helped a number of home builders and land developers make genuine fortunes. It’s especially fun for me to be there when that happens, and I am forever grateful for the privilege of  watching my special clients deal with exploding abundance. I hope it happens to you some day, and when it does, it brings you great happiness.

It could start with an e-mail or a phone call right now.