Building-The-Sale Training Programs

. . . Getting It Done, So You Can Make More Money


Whether you are a small volume home builder who lists with an outside agency, a production builder managing your own sales staff or a REALTOR who lists and sells new homes for builder clients, your business future depends on getting homes sold on time and on budget. Anybody can sell them by cutting prices. The mark of excellence (and standard of practice) in new home sales is selling them at list price, or better!

I’ve been training salespersons to do this for 30 years. I KNOW it can be done!

Better Prepared Salespersons Produce Better Sales 


It only makes sense to have the best salespersons you can get with the best training you can find to maximize the chances of making the money you want. That’s clear. The murky part is deciding who to trust as your trainer and figuring out where you can get a second mortgage so you can afford the training.

Taking the second part first, forget the mortgage. If you want my help, we will find a way for you to have it. That’s my promise to you. That answers the first question, too, don’t you think?

Step One: An E-Mail or Toll Free Phone Call


Whether you’re a home builder or a REALTOR, if you have a question about new home sales, Email, fill out my Contact form, or better yet call me (800-521-3529) Call right now, if it’s a civilized hour on the east coast. We’ll talk, or you can leave a message. We’ll talk for as long as you like. Don’t worry, the call and the conversation are free. No obligation. No pressure.

Let’s agree before we start that there are no dumb questions. You haven’t made any mistakes you need to be embarrassed about. You get TOTAL AMNESTY for everything up to today.

Tomorrow is another matter.

Step Two: A Training Plan Customized to Your Need


There are a number of ways I can tailor a new home sales training plan to suit you. Once I begin to understand your business situation and your goals, I will put together an initial proposal for you. However we decide is the best way to proceed, the material I present will be drawn from my award-winning BUILDING THE SALE Curriculum, recognized throughout North America as being the best there is.

A key feature of BUILDING THE SALE is making it easy for salespersons to ask for the order when the time is right. Closing is sometimes scary to salespersons. The stress it causes for improperly trained salespersons is a key reason why they either fail or leave the business. They just can’t bring themselves to do it. 

On the other hand, when improperly trained salespersons try to force a close, either because they think they are supposed to or because they’re just plain impatient, they stress customers into leaving who would otherwise have bought.

New home sales shouldn’t be stressful for either salespersons or customers. It should be an exciting, fulfilling and profitable experience for salespersons, and a pleasant, energizing and enabling experience for customers. BUILDING THE SALE will deliver what both parties need to get the job done in a respectful, sustainable way you will be proud of.

You know what? Selling new homes this way, with respect for both salespersons and customers, is the best way to go, because it gets more sales made. Gunning down customers with killer closes is a trainer’s myth. It simply doesn’t work.

Step Three: Ongoing Support


While you will never feel pressure from me to do anything more for you than you want, you can be sure I will be asking myself whether we ought to be working together on a continuing basis. From my standpoint, that will depend on the  chemistry between us and the opportunities for growth available to you.

I am always hopeful it will work out that way, because longer term relationships are where I can do the most good for my clients. I can almost promise you that in the process of training your salespersons we will come upon other opportunities for improvement, maybe in the sales facility itself, your Internet presence, the brochures you hand out; it could be almost anything. Those are marketing issues, and it is marketing’s job to facilitate the sales process. The best results are ALWAYS achieved when marketing and sales work hand in hand. That’s why BUILDING THE SALE training is an integral part of my Performance System for Real Estate Marketing and Sales Success.

Over the years, I’ve helped a number of home builders (and some REALTORS, too) make genuine fortunes. It’s always a great pleasure for me to participate in the magic of abundance. It’s a big reason why I do what I do. My consulting practice is a ministry to me; a wonderfully strange secular ministry with a spiritual foundation. I don’t completely understand it, but I’ve found that so long as I put my clients’ needs first, I seem to get my needs taken care of as well.

It makes for a nice life, and I would enjoy sharing it with you. It can start right now with an e-mail or a phone call.

Are you ready?