The Top Ten Things You Can Do To Improve Your

New Home Sales Performance

Article #4

1. While driving to work, turn off your car radio, and put down your cell phone. Really. Getting through traffic is bad enough without adding needless stress (not to mention useless distraction) at the start of your day.

2. Arrive at work 10 minutes early. When you get there, invest five minutes of your time mentally putting personal issues aside for the workday. Visualize them solved. Invest another five minutes in quiet thought about why you’re there (to help people) and how great you will be today (helping people).

3. Make your store ready for business. Turn on all lights. Clean up anything that needs it. Start with your desk. Check the working bathroom. Get old food out of the model refrigerator.

4. Check your collaterals. If you include photocopies as inserts, make sure they are clean and centered on the page.

5. Resolve that the most important thing you have to do at work today is to greet every customer who enters your store warmly, sincerely and enthusiastically.

6. Remember, the close at the end is built on answers to questions you ask at the beginning. Ask a lot of questions, but never ask, “Is this your first visit here?”

7. Use time alone to role play the world’s greatest sales presentation. Over and over. Play both parts. Speak out loud. Move around. Make sure you ask for the order. Buy the home if the salesperson earns your business.

8. Focus on the customer’s dream of what their life would be like if they owned this  home. Most people care more about what the home would mean to them than how it’s built. 

9. If you’re not face to face with a customer, practice being face to face with a customer. If you’re not practicing, be following up so you can get face to face with a customer ASAP. Everything else is a waste of your precious time.

10. Most important of all, believe you will sell a home today. People are buying them, you know, and they’ll buy one from you if you give them permission.