About Bill Webb, MIRM

I have been consulting with home builders, community developers and Realtors selling new homes since 1986. Over that time I’ve learned a thing or two about how to make money in those businesses. While each has its own demanding set of technical skills, the common denominator is that the real money is made in marketing.

Read my background. I have the education, the experience and the proven ability to help you make money in your business. That’s my objective. Over the years, I have found that if I help you get what you want, I seem to get what I need. Funny how that works.


My first priority is to help you improve your business performance. This means I have to achieve a net positive result for you, delivering more than I promise that actually does you some good at the most reasonable cost possible. I focus on understanding each client's individual situation, their capabilities, and their purpose for being in business. With your permission, I will gather up your team and help them become the very best at what they do - working together to grow your company’s market share and profit margin. I've found that being the best is not only more profitable for you, it’s more FUN for everyone! Having a good time at work and making a bountiful living makes it easier to maintain respect for fellow company associates, trade partners and customers. It's an upward trending spiral that helps my clients become outrageously successful in their businesses, and it provides them the growing abundance they can use to love their own families and give back to their neighbors.



The bedrock of my client work is personal involvement. I prefer to be on-site with my clients as much as possible so I can provide coaching and encouragement face to face, When you hire me, you get me. I have never been able to hire an associate who cares as much as I do. That doesn't bother me. I wouldn't do for an employer what I will gladly do for you. Whatever it takes!


Going forward, you may get me electronically, when that can help us do the job at lower cost. The new Internet communication channels are making that easier and better all the time.


Along the way, I will draw on my extensive body of original writing, some of which is right here on this web site. I am a story teller by nature, and I use written and spoken stories often when they can illustrate important points with clarity and maybe a little touch of humor.


Getting Started


You’ll find ample descriptions of my specific services on this web site. Read them over if you like, or just skip all that and give me a call. Send me an e-mail, if you prefer. When we get together, we’ll chat about your situation and see if there is a way I can help you.


Have No Fear


Please, don't hesitate to contact me! There is NO reason to feel embarrassed about trying to improve your company. You will get total amnesty from me for everything that has happened so far. You have made no mistakes. By contacting me, you will be showing you have the courage to grow. You should be proud of yourself for having it. C’mon. We’ll have a ton of fun working together to make you a whole bunch of money!

Oh, about that amnesty. It’s only good for today. Tomorrow is another matter.

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Here's my full Professional Profile (written in the third person because it's tough to write this stuff about yourself)


Since beginning his consulting practice in 1986, Bill Webb, MIRM, has become a leading provider of management, marketing and sales improvement systems for home builders, land developers and new home Realtors throughout the United States and

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